Check-in/out. Check-in is anytime between 3 pm-10 pm. Check-out is anytime prior to 10 am.

We require a two-night minimum stay.

Full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking, if the check-in date is at least 14 days away. 50% refund for cancellations made at least 7 days before check-in. No refunds for cancellations made within 7 days of check-in.

Upon check-out, please pile all used linens together, wash all used dishes, and pack out all garbage. 

Water. All water goes directly into our gardens. Please use plant-based soap, Shampoo, and conditioner that has been provided for washing. If you need to use another product please contact us about it for approval.

During winter time please drip hot water when the temp hits below 30.

Water is drinkable from the faucet. No need for plastic bottle waste.

Compost Toilet. There is a laminated instruction list next to the toilet for using the compost toilet. Please make sure you have completely read over and understand how to use it properly. *If used improperly there will be a claim made and deposit money used for fixing.  Here is a link to the instructions. 

Electricity. The tiny farm is run on tied in solar panels please be conscious of electric usage but feel free to use devices as needed to be comfortable. 

In the event of a power outage, we will make every effort to get power back on. No refunds or rent reductions will be made for power outages.

Heating. Each space is heated a little differently.

Yurt- Please use the woodstove as directed in the listing and house manual. There is also a propane wall heater for backup usage. 

Red Tiny House- Electric wall heater. Please leave on low upon departure. 

Green Tiny House- Propane wall heater available. 

Blue Tiny House- Propane wall heater available. 

Sleeping Arrangements. Each space has different sleeping arrangements. 

Yurt- Queen-size bed overlooking mountains. 

Red Tiny House- Double bed in an A-frame space. Great for individual travelers or very cuddly couples.

Green Tiny House- A super comfy full size bed. 

Blue Tiny House- Queen-size bed overlooking the mountains. 

Wildlife. Please do not leave any food or trash out. This attracts unwanted critters.

lease take a look around when moving through the yard for large critters (bears). They do walk through from time to time. Please make yourself aware of black bear safety. 

Check out our tiny hiking trail! The entrance is located behind the barn. There is a cut-out in the fence and white painted trees marking the trail. Please do not leave the marked trail. 

Please understand you are in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, and you may occasionally have “uninvited guests.” Refunds will not be given for visits from these “uninvited guests.”

NOISE. Voices carry on the mountainside. Please be aware of your volume level so everyone can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Keep things quiet after 10 pm.

NO drugs are to be used on the property. Moderate alcohol use is okay. Do not smoke cigarettes in the house.

FIREPIT. Each space has an outside firepit. Please make sure there are no burn ordinances before having a fire. And that fire is not left burning heavily before leaving it unattended. You will need to pick up a bundle of wood from a local store. We, unfortunately, cannot provide wood due to insurance reasons. 

Parking. We have a child and animals. Please look all-around before backing up.  

If you have a larger vehicle please feel free to park on the road. Call to find out more details of where to park. 

There is only room for one car per house. If you have another car feel free to park it at the grocery down the road. 

Wifi. Wifi is available for all to use. 

Financial Responsibilities. Guests assume full responsibility for all damages, excessive cleaning charges, and/or any missing items including linens and towels. As well as misuse of composting toilet. 

Eco. Please bring reusable water bottles. NO Glitter allowed. Recycle.  

Housekeeping. All homes are inspected after each stay and MUST be left in reasonable condition by the inspector’s standards to avoid being charged a minimum additional cleaning fee of $45. This includes but is not limited to hard-to-clean stains on linens, upholstery, and rugs, garbage or yard clean-up, etc. You are responsible for leaving the home clean, neat, and in order along with returning all indoor/outdoor furniture to its original location.

All housekeepers are paid above the living wage standard.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless; Right of Entry; Assignment. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Hidden Flower Tiny Farm and the owners from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including Tenant’s guests) as a result of any cause unless caused by the negligent or willful act of Hidden Flower or the owners, or the failure of Hidden Flower or the owners to comply with the Vacation Rental Act. Tenant agrees that Hidden Flower, the owner or their respective representatives may enter the Premises during reasonable hours to inspect the Premises, to make such repairs, alterations, or improvements thereto as Hidden Flower or owner may deem appropriate, or to show the Premises to prospective purchasers or tenants. Tenant shall not assign or sublet the Premises in whole or part without written permission of Hidden Flower.

Lost & Found. We will make every effort to locate and return lost items; however, we are not responsible for any lost items. If you feel you might have left something behind, call us and we will return any missing items C.O.D. if we find them.

Mandatory Evacuation. If State or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation of an area that includes the Premises, Tenant shall comply with the order. Upon compliance, the Tenant will be entitled to a refund of the prorated rent for each night that Tenant is unable to occupy the Premises because of the order.

Maximum Occupancy. The maximum occupancy for each space is 2. Children are counted toward total occupancy. One additional guest may be added for the yurt or green tiny house for an additional fee.  

Pets. We do not allow pets in rental properties. We may make some exceptions for an additional pet fee. Please contact us to discuss further. 

Rates. Rates vary from each space to the time of the year. Please contact us about the dates you are inquiring about. 

Repairs & Maintenance. While each of our properties is regularly inspected by a member of our maintenance staff, we cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of certain items including but not limited to heating, air conditioning, appliances. Please report any inoperative equipment to us immediately. We will make every reasonable effort to have repairs completed quickly and efficiently. No refunds or rent reductions will be made due to mechanical failures or malfunctions, interruptions of utilities, maintenance problems, or construction in the area.

Reservations. May be made by calling us 828-216-6065 or emailing

We accept Venmo, cash app, Zelle, all major credit cards, or cash.

Security Deposit. Hidden Flower Tiny Farm can charge up to $1,500.00 per property.

Accessibility. The tiny farm is located in the mountains and is very hilly, there is uneven ground, muddy walkways from time to time, and some stairs to enter each space. Each space has some distance well between the parking area and lodging. Make sure to pack appropriately and wear the correct boots. 

Tenant Duties. Tenant agrees to comply with all obligations imposed by the Vacation Rental Act on Tenant with respect to maintenance of the Premises, including but not limited to keeping the Premises as clean and safe as the conditions of the Premises permit and causing no unsafe or unsanitary conditions in the common areas and the remainder of the Premises that Tenant uses.

Tenant agrees not to use the Premises for any activity or purpose that violates any criminal law or governmental regulation and may use the Premises for residential purposes only.

Tenant’s breach of any duty contained in this paragraph shall be considered material and shall result in the termination of Tenant’s tenancy.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above information and agree to comply with all terms listed. Your name below or payment of money or taking possession of the property after receipt of the agreement is evidence of your acceptance of the agreement and your intent to use the property for a vacation rental.