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  • Allie Daum

Diversity and Inclusion

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Hidden Flower Tiny Farm acknowledges the struggles of People of Color and LGBTQ+ folks in all paths of life, including within our very own industry. In a historically unwelcoming, exclusive, and dangerous reality for those who are vital to our communities, we stand with Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, and the queer community, as well as any others facing oppression and violence for their mere existence.

Earl Hunter Jr. of the business Black Folks Camp Too holds an eye-opening story on black people and camping— on a roadtrip with his son, spanning 20 states and Canadian provinces, they only saw one other black family camping! Many black people feel unsafe camping, so he set out to change that, and has been working to make camping more safe and fun for black people ever since.

Many have seen the exclusion of LGBTQ+ people in camping as well, where, again, they don’t feel safe in many of these environments. LGBTQ+ campgrounds have grown in abundance recently in an effort to expand camping’s accessibility to them too.

This history of people being turned away for things they can’t— and shouldn’t have to— change is long and gruesome, and it is up to those with privilege, including ourselves, to turn it around. It is important to provide inclusive spaces for all in order to open the doors for everyone to enjoy camping and outdoor adventures, and every other activity, if they desire. People of all colors, genders, orientations, religions, abilities, and incomes deserve these same opportunities and belong in the outdoors community just as much as anyone else.

We urge other businesses to express their support and extend their welcome to people of all types. A brighter future is in the works, and you can be a part of it, too!

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