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Something I always wanted to experience and surprised my boyfriend who loved our adventure in the tiny house. The location is perfect. Minutes away from downtown, Biltmore, and Blue Ridge Parkway. Celeste provides exceptional hospitality.

-Lori, Tiny House Guest

The King Family

Homesteaders in Asheville, NC

A sustainable & tiny, family run and operated farm. 

Celeste King is a third generation Asheville native. She grew up just over the other side of the mountain from the tiny farm. She has been environmentally conscious since her teen years and worked diligently at learning as much as she can about sustainability. After giving birth to Charlie Ann the idea of being eco-friendly being ever more concerning. With the climate crisis that is happening and knowing that her daughter is going to have to live through some very hard times. She wanted to create a space where she could teach others and her daughter about living consciously.  To put into place exactly what she was preaching! She loves being in the dirt, gardening.  Loves decorating and making relaxing spaces. Her favorite things are dancing and going to a spa :)

Chris King grew up in Boston, MA but hit the road at a young age to travel with the Grateful Dead. His time on tour around the country taught him a lot of things and helped instill a "hippy" lifestyle that he knew he wanted. He has always wanted to be off-grid and completely self-sufficient and is getting closer all the time. He loves creating cool things and has learned so much since taking on Hidden Flower. Having visited many communes and gone to many gatherings of like-minded folks he saw a way of living that was simple and satisfactory. You do not need much to be happy and in fact, less is always more. Chris is also an avid artist and has painted many murals around Asheville. He is always open to dialogue about collaborating ;)