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Want to be more sustainable? Here are some ideas to get you going...

1. Think before you buy. Do you need it? Where do you buy it from? Can you buy used? Can you repurpose something? Stop consuming so much all together.

2. Look at ingredients on your products. Do you know what is in or on your products? Look it up. It is important. Don’t just trust “green” marketing.

3. Buy from USA. Buy from locally owned store. Buy from a local maker.

4. Eat Plant-based diet. Stop eating processed food and creating more garbage.

5. Shop at the local farmers market. Grow your own food! It will make you super happy!

6. Lower your meat intake (or cut altogether). Buy local meat. Grass-fed in a pasture.

7. If you can- pay for a solar loan rather than an electric bill.

8. Ride a bike. CarShare. Electric or hybrid car.

9. Get your home and work energy efficient.

10. COMPOST! Either yourself or with a company. It is super easy! Don’t throw food in the trash make soil!

11. Divest from fossil fuels.

12. Invest in Renewables.

13. Put your money with a Credit Union or local/regional bank.

14. Say No to Fracking!

15.When temperatures are moderate, live in the climate we evolved to inhabit. Turn off AC/HEAT and open the windows!

16. Line dry your clothes.

17. Reduce and reuse before recycling.

18. Store and save water. Rain barrels, Compost toilets, etc.

19. Plan a green burial.

20. Save water. Rain Barrels are awesome!

21. Pay attention and VOTE.

22. Teach others.

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Something I always wanted to experience, and I surprised my boyfriend who loved our adventure in the tiny house. The location is perfect. Minutes away from downtown, Biltmore, and Blue Ridge Parkway. Celeste provides exceptional hospitality.

-Lori, Tiny House Guest