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Think Before You Buy

Updated: Apr 12

Think before you buy can be applied to everything. The biggest impact you can have (in my opinion) is with your purchasing power. If you are concerned with the climate crisis then vote with your dollars. Not only is this important in everyday life and I will talk about over and over again but also when making the decision to travel. Now I obviously am bias because I make a living off of having travelers stay with us. My opinion is though that if you are going to travel to another place that you should consider staying with a family that lives in that town. You are then supporting the local economy buy contributing to that households income -rather than a giant and sometimes offshore hotel chain.

Lets go a little deeper than that. Look for a vacation rental that is environmentally friendly. Make sure they are paying cleaning staff a living wage. That they are using healthy cleaning products. Ask if they are using refillable shampoo and conditioner? If they offer recycling? I am amazed how many vacation rentals do not offer recycling. Let them know they can skip all the "throw away type" little gifts. The more people ask for these type of things the more the host will change to accommodate the requests of the guest.

Unique Stays section on Airbnb is usually a great way to find some places that are thinking outside of the box. Here you will find tiny houses, tree houses, yurts, campers, farm stays, and so many other cool options. For me this is a huge part of the fun of traveling. I get so excited trying to find a super unique place to stay that is going to be an experience all in itself. A lot of times these quirky little spots have composting toilets, rainwater catchment systems and solar.

If I could ask one more thing from folks reading these posts it would be...

Please contact Airbnb, VRBO and the other big name vacation rental site and ask them for a Eco-friendly rating system? Maybe a reward for super environmentally friendly places? Again, nothing motivates folks like money. And good reviews and rewards for being sustainable will get people changing their ways!

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Something I always wanted to experience, and I surprised my boyfriend who loved our adventure in the tiny house. The location is perfect. Minutes away from downtown, Biltmore, and Blue Ridge Parkway. Celeste provides exceptional hospitality.

-Lori, Tiny House Guest