• Celeste King

Panic at the Grocery Store

Wow. What a weird time we are in. I never thought that we would be on lock down from a global pandemic. I guess I always have thought something was coming I just did not really imagine what it was or what it would look like. I have now been home with my daughter for over SIX weeks (more on being stuck at home with a kid coming ;). I have gone to the grocery store since the mandatory stay home order was put in place a few times. Each time has gotten progressively more anxiety ridden. I have a N95 mask with a bandana over it and have been wearing it but wonder about wearing it multiple times. My only thought is that is I wear it and then wait for weeks to put it on my face again any potential virus that may have been on there is no longer. I feel like I can't breath with the mask on my face. Which in turn makes the panic attack flare even further. Most folks in this small city have been really good about giving space but any time I hear someone cough or sneeze I definitely feel the rush of panic. Who would have ever thought heading to the grocery would be so uncomfortable? Is mask wearing in public the new norm? How did we get here?

I feel like we have brought this on ourselves in more ways than one. First and foremost destroying habitats is the first thing that comes to mind. Over consumption of unnecessary stuff which has lead to more than one problem. Please take this time and really think about what you want life to look like after this? How can you make changes in your life to help a situation like this not happen again? Maybe the first and easiest way would be to think every single time you purchase something whether it is really needed? Whether you can find it used? Or borrow it from a friend? Before you throw something away think about how you might could repurpose it? Or place it up for free on the internet? One mans junk is anothers treasure. You never know what someone may be looking for. If everyone does this, imagine the impact it would have!

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