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How to keep your kid entertained during stay home order

Well, I am sure those of us with little ones have about lost it a few times during this stay home, self isolation, social distancing orders (or more than a few times). I know I have! I have to remember always that she is only small for a short amount of time and to be patient and soak up all the mommy watch this's that I can. But it is HARD. It is super hard when we now have ZERO income and are trying to figure out how to move forward with our small businesses. It is super hard when I am trying to fill out applications online asking a million questions I don't know the answers too (and the website keeps crashing). My patience is so low. It is hard to even process what is happening in the world. I have not barely had time to even process the fact that the world is completely shut down and the global pandemic might go on for a long time. Being a mom for me is full time work from the moment my eyes open to the moment they close most days. But usually I can get a break by dropping my kiddo off for a play date or to hang with my mom. Not these days :(

Here is my list I came up with for keeping your kid entertained while stuck at home...

-Playing in the bathtub

-Video Call Family and their friends

-Hiking (if there is no one else on trails)

-Yard Camping

-Make Free Lemonade stand for neighbors to enjoy


-Make your own putt putt course (even just use sticks for putters)

-Pretend play school

-Story Hour

-Bike Ride


-Work on training dog

-Clean out stuff :)

-Make art projects


-Bug Hunt


-Online museum tours

-Dance Party



-Cook food together

-Play in the Dirt


-Place Dress Up


-Pillow Fight

-Fly a Kite

-Build Something!



-Play Music Instruments


-Treasure Map

-Fairy Garden

-Roller Skate

-Make a dirt pile to play on

-Backyard Fire


-Put on a performance

-Board Game

-Hide and Seek

-Simon Says

-Make an obstacle course

-Write letters to family

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