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Hidden Flower Tiny Farm in Asheville, NC

Offering tiny house rentals, yurt glamping, elopements and more! 

We are the King Family! We love living and homesteading on these five acres in Asheville, NC. We enjoy exploring, imagining, daydreaming, and working to create our own little bit of bliss and sustainability. 

We love making art, tinkering with old vehicles, working in the garden and playing with our daughter Charlie Ann. 


Previously, we owned a bar here in Asheville and now we are spending our time creating Hidden Flower Tiny Farm and our other business Cask and Canter Mobile Event Bartending to share with you. 

We are super excited to offer our space for mountain elopements or an Airbnb wedding venue. 

We have spent years building the Airbnb tiny houses and Airbnb yurt. We put a lot of time and energy into making them super comfortable and relaxing. All the while staying as sustainable as we can. We hope to over time become completely off-grid and teach others how they can live as sustainable as they can as well.

Longtime service industry workers we love the hospitality industry and helping others have a great time. We take pride in creating a great space to vacation or have an intimate wedding. Contact us to find out more info! 

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Something I always wanted to experience and surprised my boyfriend who loved our adventure in the tiny house. The location is perfect. Minutes away from downtown, Biltmore, and Blue Ridge Parkway. Celeste provides exceptional hospitality.

-Lori, Tiny House Guest